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Opinion from a Publisher regarding Legal Fees for certain matters. – Let’s Discuss…

$40,000,000 spent on Legal Costs for a defense – where does all that money go? Legal Costs, breakdown of fees – that is a rate negotiated between what his Attorneys believe will cost in a situation that requires full support for a defense matter in overall costs, and other associated matters that just make the whole case required. Rates are not always the same because there’s a difference between what an attorney may bill for a regular customer in a civil defense matter versus an attorney in a criminal defense or any other defense scenario – it just is going to be customized and in today’s day and age, $40,000,000 could be justified because there can be pre-negotiated conditions associated to that fee. It’s a private fee negotiated, approximately, and it could be $50,000,000 or 45,000,000, and those fees will also be audited to make sure they are representing exactly what those fees were representing – so it’s approximate. People in general are more likely okay and happy to be aware of this information.