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Let’s discuss the 2 “Loser States” as referred to Kevin O’Leary’s recent interview about the State of New York and the State of California being “Loser States”, in particular for their ridiculous policies that are not good for the citizens or investors. – Let’s Discuss here on UnitedStates.org whether or not this is a true valid problem and who are the right persons to chime in regarding confirming these speculations or actual realities.

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The decisions that resulted in Trump fraud ruling is spilling over into other real estate investors as a sign to exit NY and get out of the state. It’s a sign that NY is already and has already been on a decline that this is the end of NY investments until situations turn around based on the results from post pandemic consequences. However, if a real estate investor invests, the investor will always have to look over their shoulder to see what might be coming that could be illogically used against them.