Is it fair to say, if one of the 50 states of the United States along with other territories that are part of the United States, if one state has taxable state and another state has no state tax, and one state can ban tiktok for example, while another state doesn’t ban tiktok, then what is the meaning of UnitedStates and what is the meaning when people have to pay Federal Taxes & some pay State Tax on top and some don’t pay State Tax on top of Federal Taxes, and some pay high Property Taxes and some pay Low Property Taxes, yet, everything that affects everyone seems to have to be concerned for everyone in the UnitedStates, but then the imbalance of certain items are purposely left out, and so why does one central media force broadcast the same news to every date when every state is different. Why do some states get more attention than another state? Any other question about these statements, please feel free to make contact with Tech Writers Publishing Department.